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You can learn anything. Anywhere. Anytime.

Free School is an online library of lessons showcasing passionate teachers, teaching. It can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, at any time, for free.

It is a place for great Australian teachers to upload videos of themselves being great Australian teachers.

It is a place for Australian students to watch the best teachers teach the exact subjects they are studying today.


The mission of Free School is to improve the education of all Australian students, particularly those in rural Australia, those who are financially disadvantaged or those who are sick and incapacitated. By working in partnership with teachers, we will provide access to quality lessons delivered by passionate, inspiring teachers that can be accessed anytime, anywhere and by anybody for free.

Our goals:

  1. Inspire learning and improve the education of Australian students.
  2. Help teachers develop their skills and share their expertise and passion.
  3. Provide equitable access to education to financially disadvantaged students, sick and incapacitated students and students living in remote areas.

Who we are

We are a skilled and dedicated team with a shared vision for improving the education and learning of all students and teachers. We are passionate about Free School and the positive social impact it will have for our current and future generations.


Chairman, David Gillespie is a father of six and the author of Free Schools.  This bestselling book provided a detailed analysis of the problems with the Australian school system and the world’s best practice for addressing them.

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CEO, Ineke Unsworth is a highly skilled and dedicated leader with 18 years experience in the corporate sector and charitable endeavours.  She is a mother of three school age children and is eager for them to have access to the Free School.


Board member, Paul Heath is a commercial lawyer and chief executive officer at Expert Experts. Paul’s wife is a teacher and is one of driving forces behind his passion for the Free School.

Frank Stranges

Board member, Frank Stranges has over 25 years’ experience in the global software technology industry. He currently provides strategic advisory services and mentors selected organisations, and is actively involved in two new start-ups in the digital media and e-commerce area.

Our Story

The Free School is the brainchild of Paul Heath, a Sydney lawyer.  Over a long dinner one night in Sydney Paul convinced David Gillespie, the Chair, that Australia desperately needed the Free School.  David loved the idea so much he even pinched the name for his bestselling book on the Australian education system, Free Schools.

Paul wanted the Free School because he believes that we are at a unique juncture in the history of education.  We have the greatest ever need for equity in the delivery of educational resourced and the greatest ever capacity (through the use of very new technologies) to deliver it.  It just takes an organisation with the appropriate vision and skills to introduce the solution to the need.

Free School is an online library of lessons for students to learn by seeing passionate teachers teaching their subjects.

Why Free School is Important

Australia’s students are falling behind in education.

We currently have 3.85 million students throughout Australia that continue to fall behind their peers globally. This decline is further magnified in regional, remote and rural parts of Australia where 1.2 million of our children live.

Students in country schools are up to two years behind their metropolitan peers in major tests. Children from poor households, ethnic minorities or rural areas are significantly less likely to make the transition from primary to lower secondary school and from lower to upper secondary school and are more likely to be delayed in their progression though the grade levels.

A failure to learn some basic concepts can easily compound into a failure to learn some more advanced concepts. Over time, simple failures can result in plummeting results in individuals and whole cohorts of students. This adversely affects their confidence, ability and potential, causing many to drop out of school prematurely with around 26% of students not attaining a year 12 or certificate III equivalent by age 19.5

This needs to stop now.

Our impact

We will improve the education of 3.8 million students across Australia and the 285,000 teachers that teach them. We will help develop and improve the skills of our teachers and provide access to an online library of lessons for students and teachers across all subjects. These lessons are delivered by our current skilled and passionate teachers throughout Australia.

Impact for students

  • Ability to review lessons as many times as needed to gain full understanding
  • See other teaching styles and techniques that resonate with them
  • Self-explore subjects and interests at their own pace
  • Expand knowledge of subjects
  • Families, carers and friends are able to learn and gain understanding of teaching techniques and lessons and can then assist their children at home.
  • Families that choose to home school will have a library of lessons
  • Students that have English as a second language will benefit self-paced learning and ability to continually review lessons to improve language and understanding.

Impact for teachers

  • Ability to view their peers in action
  • Share ideas on curriculum implementation
  • View other teaching styles & techniques
  • Access a library of resources to assist when they are teaching outside their subject

We know the measurable social impact Free School will make. If you are interested to learn more, please continue to read below and complete the inquiry form below and we will more than happy to share more with you.

Our progress

We are an Australian Public Company registered with the Australian Charities and Not for profits Commission (ACNC) with DGR1 and TCC endorsement.

We have partnership and supporters in education and are ready to start making positive impact on the lives of millions of children and teachers throughout Australia.

Want to know more?

If you would like further detail on Free School please complete the information below and we would be happy to share more with you.

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