About Us

You can learn anything.

From the best teachers. For Free.

The Free School has a sole mission: to give every student (regardless of circumstances or location) access to the best possible teaching and every teacher access to the best possible peer examples.

The charity’s main activities are to develop and implement new software for the creation and distribution of video of the world’s best teachers in action.

The Free School is the brainchild of Paul Heath, a Sydney lawyer.  Over a long dinner one night in Sydney Paul convinced David Gillespie, the Chair, that Australia desperately needed the Free School.  David loved the idea so much he even pinched the name for his bestselling book on the Australian education system, Free Schools.

Paul wanted the Free School because he believes that we are at a unique juncture in the history of education.  We have the greatest ever need for equity in the delivery of educational resourced and the greatest ever capacity (through the use of very new technologies) to deliver it.  It just takes an organisation with the appropriate vision and skills to introduce the solution to the need.

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